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Well ... I got and installed the new lifters on it on Saturday 5/27/06 ... Sunday, we went cruising around. We were barely doing 6MPH at usual. Then after about 40 minutes, one time the boat just started to pick up speed! It started to plane with both me and her and our stuff!!!! Both of us started looking at each other like ***

So according to the GPS, we hit a speed of 17.6 MPH which was REALLY fast on a boat like this. Plus the waters were really choppy and it was like we were flying over them. Since the engine is still in the breakin period, after about a minute or so I slowed it back down.

We NEVER got it to go that fast again that day. I tried EVERYTHING ... slow speed up, fast speed up, turn, try to climb on the wake by slowing down then speeding up, different trim angles, different angles for the lifter plates, weight distribution, etc etc etc but no luck. It was really weird how that one time it just took off.

But with only me in there this thing flies!!! I didn't have the GPS on so I don't know how fast it got but it was easilly well over 18MPH. Best part is how it jumps over waves created by other boats.

Here are a few pictures jaclynn took from very far away at the dock. I had to go to passed the 5MPH slow zone to play around.