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Some panoramas of some of the pictures I have taken recently. Click each picture to see a bigger version (highly recommended).

A view from Carmel, CA, December 2007.

The Schloss in Heidlerberg, Germany. September 2006.

A couple from our Lake Powell trip back in August of 2006. The top one is the view from our camp site.
The bottom one is one of the near by canyons we explored while there.

A view of the Pacific Ocean from Santa Monica, CA (at the California Incline), January 2007.

The San Francisco nightline as seen from Sausalito, CA, December 2006.

Cool sight in Cincinnati from November 2006.

A Badgers game at the Kohl Center, 2006.

I took these along the north west shore of Maui, July 2005.

Where else but my favorite place! Moab, Utah.

Another one of the Moab area. This is the canyon you see in the pic above.

Yet another one of Moab ... I have many more.

A view of the San Fernando Valley in LA, from the top of Topanga, July 2005.

Just a random picture along the I-70 in Utah. The rains were to come!

The Portage Glacier, Alaska, April 2001.

The back area of the Portage Glacier, Alaska.

The Coliseum, Rome, Italy, July 2001.

Devil's Lake, Wisconsin, November 2003.

A view of Lake Mendota (south shore) in Madison, September 2003.

The Student Union patio area at UW Madison.

A view of the Vatican from July 2001.

Note: Click each image to see a larger (much better!) version.