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SFSU Engr 844 - Spring 2010 - Homework 2

Prof. Seapahn Megerian

  1. List three advantages of SRAM compared to DRAM. Why don't we use SRAM for everything?
  2. You are given a 16Kx8 memory module with the following pins:
    • address inputs
    • data inputs
    • data outputs
    • clock
    • WR: 1 means write, 0 means read.
    • En: 1 means enable, 0 means disable (chip neither writes nor reads).
    1. How many address lines (number of bits) does this module require?
    2. How many data lines (number of bits) does this module require?
    3. How many of these modules do you need to make 16Kx32, 32Kx8, and 64Kx32 memory modules?
    4. Sketch the design of each of the larger memory modules above. You may only use 16Kx8 modules, logic gates, and multiplexers as needed. Note that you should never mess with the clock signals (so wire the clock directly with no additional logic). Also remember that the new memory modules should have the same functionality with respect to WR and En signals.